Special projects


In 2012 O-range inaugurated a new division. A special unit, created in collaboration with important companies in the field of technology and medicine, dedicated exclusively to the development of special products.


Special belts


Another special heart monitoring belt design to make pregnancy more transparent for parents and doctors. We have studied a special ergonomic shape and created this belt that integrates ECG and acoustic sensors that provide real-time data on the cardiac activity of the future child.


Special Belts

Hip-Hope is an innovative belt that integrates a fall attenuation system. Thanks to its special airbags it reduces the impact effect on the ground during a fall.


Holter pouches

These special "bags" are used to contain and transport medical devices (holters) for patients who need to monitor and record their cardiovascular parameters. Our aim was to develop them to ensure the best convenience and functionality.


Leather backpack

Special version of the Apollo backpack made of wool with elegant leather inserts. This "Luxury" version is designed for urban use, for all those who need a flexible and powerful product in charging, without sacrificing style.


ICUB Project

O-range was an active part in the iCub project.

iCub is; a "humanoid" robot, built by the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), which can recognize, touch, see and learn from the environment around it. For this project we have developed a special "second skin" capable of perfectly transmitting inputs to the robot.