About O-range

O-range is an Italian company, the first in the world to invest, experiment, and establish a production line for bags, backpacks, and accessories entirely thermo-sealed, remarkably enhancing seamless technology

The journey begins in 2009. We wanted to design heat-sealed bags and accessories, an innovative technology developed to make seamless garments. There were no manufacturers able to make them so we decided to develop the equipment, adhesives and methodologies in order to produce in Italy extra dry bags that we had imagined.

Motivated by the passion for sailing and the sea, we wanted a sturdy bag, lightweight, water resistant and easy maintenance that guaranteed a seamless transitions between daily activities, travel, sports, and weekend getaways.

Technological research and material development has led us to produce high performance experimental fabrics assembled by coupling three different layers: technical fabric, waterproof membrane and lining.

The result is an ultralight and waterproof hardshell with an essential design.