Our products

Why you should choose us

Respect. Sustainability. Authenticity.

We deeply believe in all these values and they are part of everything we do, from the companies we buy raw materials from, to how we treat our employees and our customers.

We respect those who work with us and we respect what we do.

Production in Italy

Produzione e sviluppo in un unica sede in Italia, con macchinari ad alta tecnologia ed un processo sostenibile anche per il nostro personale.

Italian raw material

Fabrics for linings and accessories are produced not far from our production.

Ecological and recycled materials

When recycled material and fabric options are available, that's what we choose.

Solar energy integrated into the products

With the use of the solar panel on our backpack you recover the energy produced for its production.

No waste

Maniacal optimization of cutting placements and attention to the most effective shapes.