Our story

Wear the future

From the passion for fabrics and design. O-range is born.

The brand immediately engaged in the creation of t-shirts with its own production materials, demonstrating an extreme attention to detail and product quality. Over the years, the interest developed in new technologies has stimulated O-range to produce intelligent textile products. It takes shape from the combination of technology and design the conception of innovative and unique solutions of their kind. Research, development and Made in Italy production allow the creation of high-performance backpacks and bags designed to improve the life of the wearer. 

What O-range is

Technology is our philosophy

The goal of O-range is to create a different and innovative production system compatible with European manufacturing. A perfect combination of advanced machinery and human engineering with specialized personnel involved mentally rather than manually. Seamless technology characterizes each creation and finds its perfect expression in bags and backpacks with modern and essential lines. The homogeneous shape obtained from the absence of seams, gives an essential and extremely versatile design that easily adapts to any content present within the product. Furthermore, the composition of the various layers of fabric laminated to each other in a clean and eco-sustainable laser welding process, gives the O-range backpacks and bags lightness and waterproofness.

Following the most modern market demands, many products have an integrated charging system thanks to the application of certified solar panels. The use of SunPower cells guarantees the best degree of efficiency, i.e. a very high capacity for converting solar energy into electricity. The goal is to ensure independence, freedom and self-production of energy in an eco-friendly solution to convert sunlight into clean electricity. The LED integrated in the backpack also has 7 degrees of different intensity to ensure maximum visibility and safety even at night.

Love the Power

Integrated O-range® Solar System. Take your mobile electronics everywhere.

Circle is our System

Each O-range product follows a cyclical system divided into three phases.

In the first phase of research and development, each new product is the result of a scientific process designed according to its use. The choice of modern and advanced materials is a fundamental component for the continuous increase in the performance and durability of the products over time.

The "O-range High Technology Process" production process is engineered and patented by O-range. The latest generation machines are designed to perform the lamination, coupling and heat sealing processes of fabrics in the best possible way.

In the last phase, O-range makes use of the collaboration of a qualified team to test the products in the field in different situations and conditions. This allows the company to receive feedback in real time, an indispensable element for the constant improvement of products.

The founder

Marcello Bottino

"My journey began in 1998, when with my design studio I participated in the first projects for the creation of seamless" seamless "garments ... the first were on Olympic swimsuits for Speedo then for high technical sailing products, and on the development of the first machinery. An extraordinary technology !!

When I thought about what I would like to do for myself for the sector, I realized that developing that technology was what I wanted, and I wanted to do it on the bags that have always been my craze ...
Yes, I saw in that technology an opportunity for the future of textiles ... a field experiment that lasted more than 20 years and that continues to excite me.
Our experience in textiles has been useful to us, but nothing has been able to prepare us for the hard work but also for the great joy and satisfaction I feel today in making O-range products. "