Wear the future

A vision that continues to progress

O-range was born from the passion for textile and design.
The brand immediately engaged in the creation of backpacks with materials of its own production, demonstrating extreme attention to detail and product quality. Over the years, the interest developed in new technologies has stimulated O-range to intelligent textile manufacture process.

Research, development and innovation

The conception of innovative and unique solutions takes shape from the union between technology and design. Research, development, made in Italy production allow the creation of light, resistant and functional backpacks and bags designed to improve the life of the user.

From an idea of Marcello Bottino, CEO and founder of O-range: “My journey began in 1998, when with my design studio, I participated in the first projects for the creation of “seamless” garments.
When I thought about what I would like to do for our products field. I realized that was important for me to develop this technology and I wanted to do it on bags field that have always been my passion.

I saw in this technology an opportunity for the future of textiles, an experiment that lasted more than 20 years and that continues to excite me.
Our experience in textiles has proved to be very useful but nothing has been able to prepare us for the hard work and the great joy and satisfaction I feel today in the creation of O-range products”.

Our history



Orange was born, specialized in industrial design and development for sports brands and advanced robotics.


O-range creates the world’s first a backpack with the innovative integrated solar panel system.


Inauguration of the first O-range production own site. The 100% Made in Italy production with Seamless technology begins.


The new line for the medical division called “Wearable High Definition” was born, offering advanced technologies for robotic machinery, monitoring of vital parameters and well-being in pregnancy.


O-range acquires new 4.0 generation machinery with a lower environmental impact, which define an innovative production system that officially elevates the company to industry leader in the seamless products.


O-range defines collaborations with prestigious institutions and brands. A division dedicated to the design and production of O-range products was born within the company to expand the bags range and distribution channels.

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