Apollo Plus Lunar Stone


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Medium size, versatile backpack designed for your everyday activities and weekend jaunts, equipped with a solar panel.

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32 x 48 x 13 cm


1100 gr


18 lt


45% PA 41% PL 11% EA 3% PU

Model height

Chiara – 163cm
Gianluca – 188cm

Our backpacks are designed and manufactured in Italy, using fabrics sourced from Italian companies. This ensures an ethical product of the highest quality. Furthermore, our local supply chain minimizes the impact on the environment.

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Lunar Stone

Specific regions of the Moon, such as the highlands or mountainous areas, radiate an intense brightness, often appearing white or milk-grey. These areas are composed of minerals like anorthosite and plagioclase, lighter in composition, reflecting and refracting a considerable amount of light.

Apollo Plus

This Plus Edition of our best-seller showcases special and experimental materials with a futuristic and technological appearance, inspired by scientific explorations in remote regions, extreme weather conditions, and soon, even other planets.

This model is waterproof with an ergonomically thermoformed back panel designed to enhance comfort. It allows you to recharge your devices or a power bank during outdoor activities, making it suitable for a dynamic lifestyle, even in adverse weather conditions of heavy rain or extreme humidity. Equipped with an integrated LED light for enhanced road safety during biking, motorcycling, or scooter riding, it provides support during nights spent under the stars.

The backpack integrates a solar panel, enabling you to make a zero-impact gesture. In just 60 charge cycles, you’ll offset the electrical energy used in the manufacturing process of the backpack.

The main compartment with a roll-top closure is completely waterproof. It features two externally accessible pockets with rainproof rubber-coated zippers: one on the back for a 15″ laptop and one on the front with a USB-C charging connector and a controller for activating and adjusting the LED strip, which can be powered by a power bank (not included).

To extend the product’s lifespan, the shoulder straps are easily replaceable with a screw-locking system.

The backpack is made from 3d reinforced acquaskin, a special material produced by O-range, combining four different layers: an outer technical fabric, fiberglass mesh, waterproof membrane, and inner lining. The result is an ultralight, highly durable, and waterproof shell.

In this Plus version, we introduce experimental materials developed in collaboration with Gavazzi, founded in 1881, a leading manufacturer of technical fabrics used in ballistic protection, construction, wind, marine, and sports sectors.

7.5W SUNPOWER solar panel

Offset the energy consumed in manufacturing after 60 full charge cycles

USB-C connector for device charging

LED strip with adjustable intensity and flashing mode, enhancing road safety

Three-layer technical fabric, waterproof membrane, hydro-repellent rubberized zippers

Seamless technology, ultra-light coupled fabric

Shoulder straps easily replaceable using a screw system for swift restoration

Hand washable, recommended at 30°C

solar, brilliant, full of might,