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Medium size, versatile backpack designed for your everyday activities and weekend jaunts, equipped with a solar panel.

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32 x 48 x 13 cm


1100 gr


18 lt


45% PA 41% PL 11% EA 3% PU

Model height

Chiara – 163cm
Gianluca – 188cm

Our backpacks are designed and manufactured in Italy, using fabrics sourced from Italian companies. This ensures an ethical product of the highest quality. Furthermore, our local supply chain minimizes the impact on the environment.

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Sporting Red

In sporting arenas, the vibrant red hue commands attention, signifying strength, dynamism, and a fierce competitive spirit. Scientific studies examining wrestling tournaments during the Olympics, European football championships in 2004, and even the historical results of English teams’ matches illustrate that teams donning red jerseys often enjoy greater success.

Sporting Red is a vibrant, dynamic, and competitive color that invites a passionate approach to life.

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This best-seller is waterproof with an ergonomic thermoformed backrest. It allows you to recharge devices or a power bank during outdoor activities, making it ideal for a dynamic lifestyle, even in adverse weather conditions like heavy rain or extreme humidity. Featuring an integrated LED light for added road safety during bike rides, motorcycle trips, or scooter commutes, it also provides support for nights out under the starry skies.

Crafted with an integrated solar panel, this backpack allows you to make an environmentally conscious choice. After just 60 charging cycles, you’ll offset the energy consumed in manufacturing process.

The main compartment with a roll-top closure is completely watertight, featuring two externally accessible pockets with rubberized anti-rain zippers. One pocket at the back accommodates a 15″ laptop, while the front pocket includes a USB-C charging connector and controller to activate and adjust the LED strip. The LED strip can be powered via a power bank (not included).

To extend the product’s lifespan, the shoulder straps are easily replaceable, thanks to a screw-fastening system.

Crafted in acquaskin, a special fabric produced by o-range by coupling three different layers: technical fabric, waterproof membrane and lining. The result is an ultralight and waterproof shell with an essential design.

7.5W SUNPOWER solar panel

Offset the energy consumed in manufacturing after 60 full charge cycles

USB-C connector for device charging

LED strip with adjustable intensity and flashing mode, enhancing road safety

Three-layer technical fabric, waterproof membrane, hydro-repellent rubberized zippers

Seamless technology, ultra-light coupled fabric

Shoulder straps easily replaceable using a screw system for swift restoration

Hand washable, recommended at 30°C

solar, brilliant, full of might,