ReaXL Atlas Mountains


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Enormously airy
Extraordinary light weight

Large, vesatile and spacious bag designed as an essential and ultralight carry-on for leisure, sports, weekend getaways, and trips.

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56 x 32 x 36 cm


920 gr


64 lt


45% PA 41% PL 11% EA 3% PU

Model height

Chiara – 163cm
Gianluca – 188cm

Our bags are designed and manufactured in Italy, using fabrics sourced from Italian companies. This ensures an ethical product of the highest quality. Furthermore, our local supply chain minimizes the impact on the environment.

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Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountain Range, majestically situated in North Africa, stands as a formidable barrier, demarcating the Sahara Desert from the Atlantic Ocean. These awe, inspiring mountains showcase a panorama of breathtaking landscapes, from deep canyons and meandering gorges sculpted over millennia to snow-capped peaks standing against the skyline.

The limestone terrain displays a spectrum from creamy whites to slate grays, punctuated by accents and veins of warmer tones. Athletes daring the Atlas Mountain Race navigate a labyrinth of winding paths through hidden valleys and rugged crests, pushing the boundaries of endurance. The colors of the limestone rock formations provide an evocative backdrop to this test of fortitude and courage, accentuating the audacity of those embarking on this extraordinary odyssey.


This model is waterproof and sturdy, ideal for a dynamic lifestyle even in adverse weather conditions, offering handheld, shoulder, or crossbody carrying options for an agile grip adaptable to any kind of movement.

The main compartment is spacious and adaptable to its contents, featuring a zippered and detachable internal pocket, alongside a large external pocket equipped with a water-repellent rubberized zipper.

To extend the product’s lifespan, the handles are easily replaceable.

Crafted in acquaskin, a special fabric produced by o-range by coupling three different layers: technical fabric, waterproof membrane and lining. The result is an ultralight and waterproof shell with an essential design.

Three-layer technical fabric, waterproof membrane, hydro-repellent rubberized zippers

Seamless technology, ultra-light coupled fabric

Removable inner pocket that can be used separately

Handles easily replaceable using a screw system for swift restoration

Hand washable, recommended at 30°C

enormously airy, extraordinary light weight,