Zeuso Sonic Blue


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Medium-sized case designed for your daily activities, outings, and sports.

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30 x 10 x 12 cm


120 gr


1 lt


45% PA 41% PL 11% EA 3% PU

Model height

Chiara – 163cm
Gianluca – 188cm

Our accessories are designed and manufactured in Italy, using fabrics sourced from Italian companies. This ensures an ethical product of the highest quality. Furthermore, our local supply chain minimizes the impact on the environment.

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Sonic Blue

Some artists have devoted their creative pursuit to craft a color that embodies the pinnacle of blue tones.

In 1956, Yves Klein achieved an intense ultramarine shade, which encapsulated the essence of his explorations: the quest for infinity, tranquility, and contemplation, offering viewers a state of physical and mental liberation.

Sonic Blue boasts an incredibly intense, liquid, and velvety hue, a synthesis of both sky and sea.


This model is waterproof with a water-repellent rubberized zip, protecting your items from extreme humidity conditions.

Crafted from acquaskin, a special material produced by O-range by combining three different layers: an outer technical fabric, a waterproof membrane, and an inner lining. The result is an ultralight and waterproof shell with an essential design.

Three-layer technical fabric, waterproof membrane, hydro-repellent rubberized zippers

Seamless technology, ultra-light coupled fabric

Hand washable, recommended at 30°C

waterproof, versatile,