We embrace the concept of slow consumption, reforming the mobile lifestyle to the rhythm of mother nature. Our sustainability policy aims to actively involve every member of our community: many products have replaceable components for quick recovery and some feature an integrated charging system, utilizing certified solar panels made with high-efficiency SunPower® cells, ensuring a remarkably high capacity of converting solar energy into electricity that guarantees you a carbon neutral choice.

The Solar line is designed to offer you independence and the freedom to enjoy self-produced energy with zero impact on carbon emissions. After just 60 charge cycles, you’ll offset the electrical energy used in manufacturing the backpack.

Production takes place in Italy, exclusively within our company, while all materials are sourced from a local supply chain to minimize transportation and significantly reduce consumption and waste.

Many models provide the option to replace frequently worn components like shoulder straps, handles, or clasps using a screw system, allowing for swift repairs or restoration, extending the product’s lifespan.

All materials used in production are animal-free, of synthetic origin, and directly manufactured and assembled by us.