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O-range is a textile company that develops and produces special products with a proprietary technology for seamless assembly.

From O-range start innovative and intelligent solutions that generate collaborations with international partners in the medical, fashion and industry sectors. These prestigious partnerships are characterized by mutual respect and sustainable working relationships located in Italy. Large investments in dedicated machinery and equipment and an original heat-sealing process to achieve real innovation.

We improve the manufacturing phases for a lower environmental impact, we improve the intrinsic quality of the product making it sustainable for high-tech Italian production without the need for relocation to countries with low-cost labor.

O-range collaborates with Audi, Sease, the Italian Institute of Technology Foundation, RRD, and multinationals in the medical and fashion sectors.

O-range, "Style with substance"
O-range is our brand, and represents the commitment to spread our approach to the development and production of bags and accessories that are contemporary and consistent with our time. The integration of electrical and electronic components that began many years ago, the integration of solar panels (first in 2004), the internal realization of the coupling of our fabrics, the laser cutting ... are all bases of the pride that drives us to innovate and amaze every day.
O-range, The company
The O-range is also an industrial project, where we want to develop and produce with an economically accessible and sustainable innovative process. Through this process, O-range manufactures its products with high standards, consistency in quality and continuity in innovation. The O-range product is composed of various layers of functional materials designed to create different and original couplings or compounds. O-range is an alternative to realizations with traditional technologies with a new aesthetic and functional approach.

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